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想让您的品牌更上一層,进一步打响知名度,让读者更了解您的产品,揭开产品以外鲜为人知的感人故事。请马上联络我们的商业宣传节目制作组为您度身打造一部网络电视节目。从专题访问,到大型的益智比赛节目,专题挑战节目和真人秀节目制作,我们皆能满足您的需求,让您生意能以创意的影音方式透过网络的惊人力量,迅速达到宣传效果。(马上致电:012-4751585 )

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Happy Retirement Home, Kepala Batas.

Cover Story: Everyone has a dream. Mdm Khor, her dream is to set up and run an old folk home.




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New Updates: Charity Food Fair, 9 June 2013.

Let's work together to do our best to help Happy Retirement Home in this coming
Charity Food Fair on 9th June 2013 at Penyayang Complex, Penang. Those interested
can download the Charity Food Fair Sponsorship Pledge to know more detail.

让我们一起同心协力在2013, 6月9日举办的慈善义卖会(地点:槟城爱心大厦)

Greetings to Penang Net TV community members. Your strong support has made our website grown in popularity. Thank you very much!The website is upgraded and more videos are continuously being recorded. They will be uploaded to fulfil your needs of local info and entertainment requirement. Please don't hesitate to call us, if you need us. 012 - 4751585

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Warmest greetings!

Welcome to Penang Net TV, your 1st premier local online TV channel in Malaysia, by Penangites especially for Penangites.

In line with our missions to promote local NGOs, charity events, community service and corporate social responsibilities (CSR), we present to you the inspirational, heart-warming and thought-provoking real-life stories of true Penangites through online video-on-demand.

Philanthropic individuals and public-spirited companies are cordially invited to support us by being sponsors for our non-profitable and charitable video production, from RM400 per session *. In appreciation of your kind contribution to the society, we are delighted to compliment your good selves with 30 seconds of life-time advertisement slot** and video gallery ***.

Call us at 012-4751585 (Alfred Phua) today. Join us in lending a hand to others in this noble deed, together we provide more and more virtuous and meaningful video productions to others towards a caring and loving society. Your generosity and kindness could make a difference in the lives of others!

* Refer to one session of final output. Some events or productions may contain more than 1 session of final output.

** In the beginning of the video session, we will mention that "This non profit video production is kindly sponsored by your company" and follow by 30s of slide show or short video clip about your company products, services or company mission and social policy.

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Penang Net TV proudly organizes "Millions Blessing for a Better World". Our target is to collect 1 million blessing. We wish everyone will feel the power of this collective blessing, and makes our world better. Those interested kindly contact 012-4751585 or email: for more details.
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